Customer Support Process
Posted by Quadrotech on 20 September 2017 11:16 AM

When a customer contacts Quadrotech online or by email or phone, a customer experience team member responds to the request. We open a case in Quadrotech’s case management system. Or, if the issue was created using email or the SupportHub, a case is created automatically. A unique number is assigned to the case and provided to the customer. The customer experience team member then performs the support activities related to the case.

Note: A valid Support and Maintenance contract is required to be eligible for access to support.

Additional Material

The information provided in this article is described in more detail in two reference documents, the links for these are below:

Support Document

Support Handling

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Request Status

The following table describes the possible status assigned to a case at any given time.



Open A request has just been submitted.  It may be assigned to an individual or a queue. Quadrotech’s customer experience ninja has not responded yet to customer.
In Progress The customer experience ninja has responded to the customer regarding the receipt of the support request and is actively pursuing a resolution.
Pending The customer experience ninja is not actively working on the resolution of the support request. Generally, this is due to information pending from the submitter of the case or a pending program fix. However, requests may be put on hold for other reasons as well.
On Hold The customer experience ninja and the customer have agreed that the ticket can be placed in this status for a period of time. During this time there will be no active work on the request.
Resolved A request is resolved if the customer experience ninja thinks there is a satisfactory resolution, but may be waiting for confirmation from the customer that the request can be closed.
Closed A case is closed if the customer and the customer experience ninja agree that a satisfactory resolution has been provided, or the customer understands that the problem is not a result of a program defect, or the customer experience ninja has made multiple attempts to contact the customer and the customer has not responded.

Assignment of Severity

When a customer opens a request, a customer experience ninja will assess the severity of the request based on the customer's description of the problem. The severity of the support request will be recorded in the Case Management System which can be accessed in the SupportHub.

The table below provides the definitions used in identifying and assigning a severity level to the customer's request.

Severity Criteria

Major feature/function failure. 

Operations are severely restricted, there is a major disruption of work, there is not an acceptable workaround available


Minor feature/function failure

Program does not operate as designed, minor impact on usage, acceptable workaround deployed


Minor problem

Documentation, general information, enhancement request, etc.

Response and Resolution Targets

Quadrotech will use reasonable efforts to meet the following resolution targets:

Severity Target Response Target Resolution Solution (1 or more of the following)
High  1 Business Day  Within 5 Business Days - Satisfactory workaround is provided.
- Program patch is provided.
- Fix incorporated into a future release.
- Fix or workaround incorporated into the Software Solution Library.
Medium  2 Business Days  Within 10 Business Days  - Answer to question is provided.
- Satisfactory workaround is provided.
- Fix incorporated into future release.
- Fix or workaround incorporated into Software Solution Library.
Low  3 Business Days  Within 15 Business Days - Answer to question is provided.
- Fix or workaround incorporated into Software Solution Library.

Customer Escalation Procedures

During the process of resolving a customer support request, the severity of the request may be increased and/or a higher level of authority might be notified. Case severity may be escalated internally when it is determined that the support request involves a system critical issue, an extremely complex problem, or an unreasonable amount of time has passed with no resolution. In the event that a customer is not satisfied with the level of support, they may escalate a given support request to Quadrotech’s Director of Customer Support.

To escalate an issue, please email Please specify the case number and the reason why the issue is being escalated.

Product Hotfixes and Updates

A valid Support and Maintenance contract is required to be eligible for access to new versions of our products, including hotfixes.